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Sunday morning worship at 10:00 AM


The Lord Will Provide
February 28, 2021

"Anything other than that is not Christianity,
it’s religion."

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Live Stream link for March 7, 2021

Worship online or in the sanctuary — all are welcome. We seek an ongoing, growing and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. It is hoped that the sermons will aid you in that relationship. Prior sermons—print and video—are available here.

The Beacon newsletter online - March 2021

Mid-Atlantic Newsletter online - February 25, 2021

COVID-19 Worship Guidelines

About the Nicene Creed
Why We Do Liturgy

                                      Special Events

Behold Your God, Part II • 1:00 PM

For those who have finished the “Behold Your God” series we are now studying Part II: “Behold Your God—The Weight of Majesty.” This series, which focuses on the attributes of God, will be held on consecutive Tuesdays at 1:00 PM.

The original study, "Behold Your God" (Part I), continues on Wednesdays through May 26th at 1:00 PM.

Behold Your God • 1:00 PM

On Wednesdays we will continue Part I of the study of God’s character and personality. "Behold Your God" will continue throughout twelve-weeks. The 1½ hour meetings will include a DVD and a time of discussion. There is a workbook and there are daily Bible readings and questions to be answered in the book. We meet in the parish hall and tables will be set up to provide social distancing.

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                    Daily Lenten Devotional
                  Offered by 8@8 and the ACNA

February 28


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The Challenges of Reopening

Guidelines for Worship

Please read and consider the guidelines for Light of Christ parishioners and guests as we return to worship in our building.

In addition to the sanctuary worship we will provide a live stream of the service for those at home.

Eucharist at Home
This printable version of the commumion service is for use on Sundays by parishioners who remain at home in social distancing. Download and print, or read online.

Our worship service will be available to live stream on the internet, and this resource allows at-home worshipers to join the responses during communion.

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Prayer Requests

It is among our greatest blessings that we may approach the throne of God with supplications and thanksgivings. If you have a prayer request please use this email link to reach Marie Carstensen, who coordinates the prayer chain. Your request will be included on the Light of Christ prayer chain.

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