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The Anglican Church, here and abroad

Anglican Church in North America

Diocese of the Mid Atlantic (DOMA)
Map of Churches in DOMA

American Anglican Council

Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA)

Anglican Network in Canada

Archbishop of Canterbury

Anglican Relief and Development Fund

The Worldwide Anglican Communion

Anglican Frontier Missions
      How to Pray for Unreached Nations/Groups

The Two Daniels An article about former Archbishop Peter Akinola and Archbishop Henry Orombi

The Windsor Report

Organizations and Articles

Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA)

Anglicans for Life

Hosea Initiative

Christian Worldview Institute

Acts 29 Ministries

Every  •  exploring questions about life and God

Christian News Headlines

Joshua Project  •  unreached peoples of the world

Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology

Defense of the Christian Faith

Reasons to Believe  •  Integrating Science and Faith

Silent No More  •  abortion support and awareness mission

40 Days for Life  •  community-based outreach and abortion awareness campaign

March for Life  •  peaceful demonstration protesting Roe v. Wade decision allowing abortion. January 22

Anglican News & Blogs

Anglican TV

Anglican Unscripted

Anglican Curmudgeon

Virtue Online

Stand Firm

Titus One Nine

Islam and Christianity

Opportunities for Ministry

Young Life of Northumberland County

Uganda Christian Partners

Habitat for Humanity

The Fuller Center for Housing

Operation Christmas Child  •  Samaritan's Purse

Books and Magazines

Christian Classics

The Early Church Fathers  •  Christian Classics Ethereal Library

First Things

The Anglican Library

A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

Sources for Books

Christian Books  •  Christian Book Distributors

Cokesbury Books

Light of Christ Anglican Church - History

Our Journey of Faith

Why We Left the Episcopal Church The Washington Post

Light of Christ (then "St. Stephen's") Press Release 1/05/07

Bishop Minns Report 2/23/07

Two Meetings An article by Sharon Baldacci

Senior Care in Virginia

Assisted Living in Virginia

Memory Care in Virginia

Online Study Resources

New Catechism of the ACNA, To Be a Christian

New Text for Common Prayer • Trial Liturgy of the ACNA

The Anglican Agenda Series • Free download of 21 short booklets, edited by Dr. J. I. Packer and written by various Anglican theologians. Each booklet tackles an important and timely topic for Anglican Christians.

Anglicans Online

The Anglican Library

Anglican Resources

The 39 Articles of Religion

The Lectionary famous sermons, audio (Whitefield, Spurgeon, Moody)

Harmony of the Gospels  •  collection of study tools

History of the English Bible

Bible Timeline  • 123456

Apostle Paul Timeline  •  birth to first missionary journey

40 Maps to Explain the Middle East

Interactive Map of the Roman Empire

Map of Israel  •  1st century A.D.

Religion Facts  •  comparison of Christian denominations' beliefs

Find any name in the Bible

Bible Study Quizzes  •  1   •  2  •  3  •  4

Bible Resources

Bible Gateway

Biblos  •  search, read, study in many languages  •  Home of the Net Bible

Bible Study Tools  •  Growing deeper in the Word

Just1Word  •  Holy Bible Online

Through the Bible Radio  •  J. Vernon McGee 5-year series, mp3 download

Wordjam  •  150 Great Bible Stories

Biblica  •  Commonly Searched-for Passages

Bible Yellow Pages  •  Inspirational Bible Verses by Topic

Faith Comes By Hearing  •  audio Bibles in 618 languages

World Bibles  •  Bible translations in 4,000 languages

ESV Online Bible  •  search, highlight, bookmark

Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies