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Tips for Video Meetings

Test Your Setup

Before you video-chat with a colleague, do a test run to ensure the call looks and sounds good, with minimal tech snafus. A few steps:

In Group Meetings, Mute by Default

This may seem obvious, but plenty of people forget to mute their microphones before joining a call with multiple people.

That can lead to sounds like barking dogs and screaming children interfering in the call. On video-chatting services like Zoom, you have the option to turn off the microphone before joining a meeting, and everyone but the person leading the meeting should do it. Unmute only when it is your turn to speak.

Optional: Turn Off Your Camera

With constrained internet bandwidth, you could even take the extra step and turn off your camera by default until you want to speak to the group. There’s no practical value in people watching you silently look at your camera.

The Bottom Line

No one was really prepared for this transition, and there are limitations to what we can all do. A bit of preparation goes a long way to making video calls more tolerable for you and your colleagues.

(Click here for a video on how to join your first video meeting)